Malsons Polymers Pvt Ltd started Commercial production in 2004 and is a leading manufacturer of Master batches, Calcium Filled Compound and Special Additives. It is an ISO 9001-2008 company with a production capacity of 40000 TPA. The organization is making steady progress under the leadership of Mr. Karan Agarwal having more than 10+ years of sound experience in polymer industries.

In a short span of time Malsons Polymers Pvt Ltd has become one of the leading suppliers in eastern part of India of its widest range of products to various plastic industries ranging from Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Polyethylene Pipes, Woven Sacks Industries, Monofilament Films, and Multilayer Films etc.



There are various factors that set us apart to be the leader in the masterbatch industry. Being a definitive player no one knows how to manufacture the best plastics with the masterbatch that is incomparable with the colour dispersion as well as chemical properties.

Product Quality

our team of experts in-house who are qualified highly to deal test and deliver each batch with 0 defects help us to ensure the standard what market needs currently. That's why we are trusted by most of the big manufacturers in the market and we are continuing to do so because of our commitment to the deliverables towards the standard.

Delivery Time

We deliver the product at the lowest ever delivery time. That means you don’t have to wait a longer period of time to get the product as well as a low stock ratio.

Competitive Rate

We offer our product at an unmatched rate. That means you can save more by ordering from us.

Best ever chemical properties

Malson’s masterbatch gives you best ever chemical properties that keeps your product apart from competitors.