Protect your plastic polymer from degradation By using malsons Anti-oxidant range of masterbatches

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Increase Thermo oxidative stability

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Degradation protection

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Higher strength and stability without deteriorating property

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No degradation, gel and yellowing formation


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Plastics have a tendency towards rapid discolouration, degradation, loss of strength and flexibility due to heat, oxygen and light. After polymerization, most of the plastic pallets are shipped to compounders, polymer converters, & finally to the manufacturers for the final product manufacturing process. In each of stage the polymer get degraded due to the extrusion of molten polymer in presence of shear heat and oxygen. Due to Thermo oxidative reaction, there are change in molecular weight of the polymer.

Our Anti Oxidant range stops the degradation completely in each stage and helps you to build the highest quality product that lasts for a longer period of time.